Terms & Conditions for Computer & Laptop Services by Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2)

Customer Responsibility

Customers are obliged to tell Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) of any damage to the computer, laptop or other devices prior to the Appointment being booked. If a collection is arranged the engineer may take photos of obvious marks and damage on the device before being taken away. This will also apply to deliveries and collections of devices. Customers are also obliged to inform Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) within 24 hours of any damage or problems that have occurred after the job has been completed for this to be investigated further.

Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) reserve the right to charge late payment fees for payments not received by their due date, these fees are charged on an individual basis and will be a minimum of £25. This charge will be added for every week until the outstanding balance(s) are settled.

Customers need to be aware that any work carried out on devices may invalidate the manufactures warranty.

Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) reserves the right to charge customers a holding fee for items that are not collected in the time frame specified by the engineer. After 30 days the items may be destroyed or sold on to cover costs. This does not apply to storage devices such as hard drives, flash drives or similar. To comply with Data Protection, we reserve the right to destroy any data containing devices that are not collected within 14 calendar days without exception, unless specified directly in writing by the customer.

Customers agree prior to any work consisting of diagnostic tests, repairs or services offered by Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) that you will make adequate backup of any data held on any hard drive(s) device(s) Computers or laptops. Detect 2 will not be held liable under any circumstances for any loss of data however small or large in size.

This condition also applies after a repair, service of any desktop computer or portable Laptop, once a repair or computer has been serviced it is the customers responsibility to make sure that you adequately backup your data.

Detect 2 will not be liable if you encounter any software issues, hardware failure or data loss after returning your computer or laptop to you.

Customers are responsible for providing any recovery discs or software with relevant authentic product licence codes from the manufacturer, Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) has the right to refuse services if it is believed that any software is deemed to be counterfeit.

If no discs or product licence codes are provided then it will be the customer’s responsibility to install these products, any software other then windows operating systems will be charged for unless this is previously agreed or comes part of a service provided by Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2).



Prices listed for services on this website can be subject to change at any time. Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) endeavour to retain it’s service costs as low as possible so customers continue to receive great value for money.

Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) upholds the right to refuse and honour any typing errors for service prices listed on this website.

Prices for services listed on the website will exclude any costs for software or hardware, these will be extra and we aim to source software and hardware at cost price to the customer, the aim is not to make profit on these items in order to keep prices as low as possible.

Depending on location Detect 2 may charge customers a call out fee if on arrival there is no problem with the computer or laptop and it works, this fee is to cover our time and travel to you, the standard fee for this is £20 which will need to be paid on leaving the customers property. The fee is at the engineers discretion.

If customers wish to cancel an appointment for a repair service or work at customer’s homes then a 24 hour notice period must be given, this is preferred to be given by calling us as we might not always be in a position to receive emails.

Detect 2 offer a collection and delivery service to make life easier for our customers. A collection and delivery charge may be applied which covers all returns and all collections. This will always be made clear before any collection or delivery is attempted. The service applies to a 20 mile radius of Colchester.

Customers will be informed of any diagnostic tests that need to be undertaken away from your home, diagnostic tests can take some time to complete and can be several hours. Customers will not pay an hourly rate for this as the prices are at fixed rates and not by the hour, it is not always possible to do these kind of tests in customers’ homes and this is why we sometimes need to take a computer or laptop away.

If a diagnostic test reveals that the computer has faulty hardware you will be advised of the total cost including the cost of fixing the fault which is listed as a fixed rate repair on the website and the cost of the parts needed.

If the customer decides on not paying the quoted repair costs then we believe that this is the customers decision and not that of Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2).

Superior Force

You agree that Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) shall not be liable for any and all losses, (including loss of data) damages, costs, claims and other liabilities which arise as a result of any delay or interruption in, or any non-delivery, or missed delivery or failure of the Equipment and/or Services due to circumstances beyond our or any of our suppliers’ reasonable control (including, but not limited to, fire, lightning, explosion, war, riot, disorder, flood, industrial dispute, sabotage, weather conditions, acts of god, local or central Government or other competent authorities).

Customer Warranty

Warranty for repairs are listed on your invoice or receipt, warranty for parts i.e. Laptop screens, hard drives, memory etc are held with Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2)’s suppliers or directly with the manufacturer.

Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) offer a 3 month warranty on all custom builds and customised laptops which protects against manufacture faults and defects. This does not include misuse or software related problems. The warranty can be extended depneding on the build.

Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) are not liable for any postage or collections costs incurred for the returning of faulty items, the customer must pay any postage or collection costs for the item or items to be inspected by the supplier / manufacturer.

Once the items have been inspected and they are deemed to be a manufacturing fault then Computer Repair & Care will fit the replacement parts at no additional charge, postage costs incurred and paid for by Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) will be payable on return of the customers computer or laptop.

If any items are tested and found to be caused by neglect, damage, modification or fluid damage the customer will be liable for any postage costs to send the items to the suppliers or manufactures and also return postage back to Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2). Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) will also charge a standard £30 fee, and also any costs related to replacing the items with a new replacement if you decide to repair your computer or laptop.
Software purchases are not covered under warranty and are non returnable and non refundable, customers must contact the software vendor for support related to these products to resolve any issues.

Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) do not offer on-going support with Microsoft windows installations, reinstallations after a computer or laptop repair. However we do offer support to customers on a pay per incident basis which can be by way of remote support or a call out to your home or business. This will be charged at a standard fee and will be confirmed before proceeding with support.

Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) will not be held liable for any loss of data that belongs to customers, we advise all customers to backup their data prior to services if possible and also after a computer or laptop repair or service, accidents can happen with such devices as hard drives as they can fail at any point in time due to being electronic and having moving parts internally, services or repairs are therefore agreed on the basis that we will not be held liable or responsible for such loss.

Any money owed to Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) must be paid before returning your laptop or computer or on return by the accepted payment terms within these terms & conditions.


Deposit Payment / Custom Built Computers

Customers will be required to pay a 60% deposit payment for custom built computers, this payment is taken after the customer has agreed to the quoted prices for computer hardware / software and services related to the proposed order of goods and services provided by Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2).

Deposit payments are non-refundable if the customer cancels an order.

Customers are also obliged to pay a minimum of 60% towards the cost of goods prior to ordering any computer components / software, this payment is only accepted via bank transfer, or cleared cheque, remaining balances will be due before the release of any related goods ordered.

Cancellation of a custom built computer after goods have been ordered through suppliers will incur return postage costs held liable by the customer, restocking fee’s subject to suppliers terms at 25% and also loss of initial deposit.


Customer Payment Options

Customers of Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) agree to pay all fees for services, repairs, software or hardware as agreed previously by phone, email or in person.

Within reason the company can request a deposit payment in advance for ordering software or hardware to complete your service requirements, this can be a contributing payment of 50% of the total costs for such items, if an order or service is cancelled then any postage costs or return postage costs, restocking fees from suppliers will be deducted from the 50% fee paid.

Customers agree to pay any final payment for services or goods obtained from Reboot Media Ltd (Detect 2) in full before or on return of your computer / Laptop.

Payments accepted are;

o    Cash on delivery

o    Bank transfer – Payment must clear before computer / Laptop is returned

Payments not accepted;

o    Cheques – only for business customers on contract terms

o    Postal orders

o    Foreign currency

o    No card payments unless through PayPal – fees for credit cards or payments to be paid by customer

Goods in trust

What does goods in trust mean? goods in trust means customers equipment that are held in our care at our business premises.

Customers items i.e. computer or laptop that Computer & Care do not own but are ‘ goods in trust ‘ to us, these items are insured whilst in our care for any damage or loss out of our control. This is really important as there are lots of people who work in this industry from home but have not thought to get relevant business insurance policies to cover any unexpected disaster’s whilst they have your computer or laptop.

As a business we also have the relevant public liability insurance that business owners have.

These terms & conditions can be changed at any time without notice.

These terms & conditions are copyright protected, any copying to other websites will result in the website being reported to Google (DMCA)