What is a Computer Virus?

Computer viruses can be small or large applications that contaminate files inside your computer and are capable of transferring from one computer to another. They can do one of many things that include gaining access to information or to corrupt information within a computer system. Some computer viruses can actually be fairly harmless which may include Pop Ups but can also be crippling to a computer and can even wipe, copy and steal your files and personal data. Like other software programs, someone must create and write a computer virus and once they are created, viruses can duplicate themselves to anything that is attached to the infected computer.

What is Spyware?

Spyware, adware, and malware can be software put onto your computer usually without your consent. Spyware gathers internet user information without their knowledge for advertising purposes. They can even fake virus’s detection’s or malicious scans and completely cripple your computer to the extent of the user not being able to do anything but buy or sign up to their bogus software. These unwanted programs are usually bundled together with software programs like free screensavers, free ringtones and other freeware. Adware is similar and may actually produce unwanted popup ads. Together, they make up what is called malware. Like virus’s they can be crippling to a computer and some can even replicate. They can be designed to look completely legit and even look like it is part of your operating system like Microsoft Windows Security Centre. They usually can be removed with anti-spyware software but on some occasions would need computer technician to completely remove the malicious software.

What is a Computer Upgrade?

A Computer upgrade for many can actually just mean purchasing a new computer whilst disposing or selling their current one. In fact, a cheaper and more practical option can mean upgrading internal components or hardware of your current computer rhat can give your PC a new lease of life.

Motherboard or Mainboard?

The motherboard or mainboard of a PC or Laptop is what we call the body of the PC. It houses all the vital components of a computer and links them all together to work as unit. In most circumstance this can unfortunately be a costly repair or replace if found to be faulty.

Processor / CPU

A Processor otherwise known as a Central Processing Unit or CPU is the heart of your PC or computer. Most devices including tablets like the Apple’s iPad or mobile phones like the iPhone have a processor of some sort in the device. In regards to a computer or Laptop the processor can be a cheap upgrade for any user who wants to get that little more power out of their PC.


The Hardrive is what we call the brain of the PC or Laptop. This is where all Data is stored which includes pictures, videos, documents and even the operating system itself for example Microsoft Windows. The amount of data that can be stored on a harddrive depends on the size of the device which can vary quite dramatically. This is usally the most important part of a PC because for most people all their personal data is stored on this fragile device.

Computer Memory / RAM

Computer Memory otherwise known as RAM (Random Access Memory) is a static storage component that stores data on a temporary basis. People often confuse memory with Hard Drive memory which are actually completely different components. These can be an effective way of upgrading your computer’s performance by increasing the amount of memory in your computer or laptop..